I am heaven sent, Don't you dare forget...

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I am all you've ever wanted, what all the other boys all promised...

I like Brand New.

I'm so bored, and tired. XP Not to mention I have nothing particularly enlightening to say... of course, that implys that I USUALLY say something enlightening...and I don't think I do... O.o

So, for those who care, Haddie busted her ankle the other day. She stepped on it wrong when she was outside of my apartment, and now it's sprained and I feel ridiculous because I also feel marginally responsible for it. I wasn't even THERE! I was inside! She called me when it happened though. Poor thing. I got mad though, yesterday, because, well, the college campus isn't exactly small, and it is rather hilly. She's on crutches and refused to let me carry her bag for her. At one point I said "Damn you and your foolish pride." as gently as I could given that I was considerably exasperated and wanting to kill any person that came too close to her. In response she looked back over her shoulder at me with the most beautiful smile I ever seen on her. No exaggeration, I swear. It shut me up, but didn't make me feel better about the random grimaces I caught and the frequent rest stops. -_-'

To make all of this worse, her other ankle has been troubling her for years and since the "good" one is hurt, she's now putting her weight primarily on the "bad" ankle >.< Grr. Fate pisses me off.


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That sounds nasty. *sends healing vibes*

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret

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-big grin-

Thanks. She's okay now. Well, off the crutches at least. She says it hurts still, a bit. But thanks.

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Love -- We are constantly


We are constantly telling our stories, only sometimes with our words

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I don't get it... O.o

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My band played that song

My band played that song when we played acoustic at our last show.

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That is so cool!

My friend would hate you, but that'sokay. She's infatuated with BN. I think she can play a bit of thier songs on the guitar, but not much... :D