I did it!

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After much anxiety and worrying over the result, I went and asked James on a date today and he said yes!

I've been a nervous wreck lately over my crush on James, wondering how to ask him, if he's single, am I positive he's gay or is my gaydar broken? (A friend told me he was, so I was almost positive), etc. Well today in class I got all my answers.

"So the school districts got me working late tonight doing a training, so yeah my valentine's day is kinda shot. What about you? Got any crazy valentine's plans?"

Translation: Is he going to mention a boyfriend?

He told me that he had a couple night classes that he had to go to and we talked about how Valentines day was a corporate holiday, an obligation if you're with someone or a day of self loathing if you're not. We had a pretty good laugh over this.

So class starts and we end up watching a film on the castrati (Think I spelled that right) of the baroque period. For those of you who don't know, the castrati were boys who were castrated before puberty so that they could keep their high voices which were desirable for opera, the practice was later outlawed. The movie gets alot of laughs because the actor has to have a female singer dubbed over his voice with an end product that looked like a bad ventriloquist act.

Then class ended and I went on my "Walk and talk" with james, chatting about some cds I had burned him last week. This is when that "This is your last chance" light goes off in my head.

"Hey I was wondering, If you're free later this weekend, you want to hang out or something? I mean I want to see that Cloverfield movie but I'm not all that psyched to be the creepy guy that goes and watches a movie alone. Would you like to go see it with me?"

He smiled as if he knew what I was getting at.

"Yeah definately, I can't let you go see a teen movie alone. They'd eat you alive!"

He gave me his cell number and we decided to go see it on saturday.

I'm so incredibly happy right now, I mean he said yes! Not only that but he was excited about going with me, which I don't really get that often. I'm trying to stop this smile but I don't think it's going anywhere.


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The castrati! quite a scary

The castrati! quite a scary prospect...

Anyway, bravo! that was very brave of you, and it worked! I soooo hope it turns out all right!

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A single gay boy was asked out by a cute single gay boy, and he said yes. As I've said before, I'm not certain why you seem to think anything unique is occurring here. Strange it took a castrati to help you find your balls, no? :-)

And, bitch, please... if you were dating James for a while now, would you be as adamant about Valentine's Day being a horrible corporate idea... or would you be planning to do something special. I find most of the anti- stuff online (and it's everywhere today) is always coming from single people, so it is a bit suspect.

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hay ho hum

Ok i have to ask of i'll go crazy what did you mean when you said they were castrated what is that?

On to you, congrats congrats congrats and Jeff, god your funny. But then again it takes odd things to make me laugh.Still hate you icon btw :-)
WEll thats great im not sure if id have then nerve to ask anyone out. id be like "uh ba da ba...blah..um!" LOL
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