i was walking with a ghost

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Have you ever thought someone was one of those quiet shy people who don't really talk that much and it turned out the opposite? Well, that's what I thought. And then it turns out I was wrong, and I was just like =O no way! It's awesome, I thought my crush was one of those girls whose real quiet and doesn't have a good sense of humor and then BAM! lol, maybe not quite so dramatically...but....I switched into her geometry class and I finally have a group with her and I can actually talk to her since we have to work together. It's great. She's funny. She's like me when I get hyper and it's fantastic and we laugh a whole bunch and I never knew she was like this and it makes me extremely happy. Math is worth going to now. Before I even sit down I'm happy and I always smile when she talks to me and I wonder if that's weird because sometimes when somethings not funny I'm smiling anyways, but I don't really care, at least I have nice teeth lol. It's really easy to make her laugh too, which makes my job SO much easier. And I do consider it a job, I was quite determined to make her laugh in the past couple months, and finally I have succeeded, quite proud.
Today was the third day in math with our new groups and I think by now I can finally be comfortable to talk to her because the first couple days I was just like O.O and all nervous and tongue tied etc. but one of my friends is in our group too so it's easier, except the other day when she was absent and it was just me and my crush and she didn't have a book so she had to sit by me and share and I was nervous as hell and it turned out great because we had tons of laughs! AH! yeah...
Tuesday I have school for a snow make up day even though it should be a 4 day weekend -___- but I guess I'll live since last class of the day is math <3!