I'm back and things have changed

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i have been computer-less for ages and now this bitch is back! since my last entry, i've overcome my depression, finished school with an OP 5 (aus school system is rated 1 the best, 25 the worst), i've come out to the majority of my friends, i told mike i loved him, i was named young citizen of the year in my city, and i've started university with a bachelor of education secondary. i'll be studying for the next four years to become a drama and english teacher! so my life is starting to get back on track. i also gave up smoking, got my license, had the lead in the school musical and started going to karaoke.

i've been busy.


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Sounds like a lot of goodness has come your way, keep it up...


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Excellent. Keep up the good

Excellent. Keep up the good work.


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