Love not Hate

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Okay so Today I was on youtube and Matthew Lush (some of you with
myspace may know him as 'Gay God') and he was talking about how we
should love people that hate us, because if we don't it just starts a
viscous cycle of fighting and anger, and you know what he's right. So I challenge all of you reading this, that the next time someone calls you fag, or dyke, or queer, or whatever say even though you do mean things to me I love you.

Think of this way, if I called you queer, and you called me something back I'd attack back, and it'd just keep going on and on and on, but if on the other hand I called you queer and you said I love you, even though you make fun of me, I would attack you. So just think of it that way.

In a world filled with hate be the first to say;


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IF only you could get on TV

IF only you could get on TV and tell everyone that maybe the world wouldnt be so bad, i need to rememeber that. Thank you.
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I've never said 'I love you' to that type, but I've never yelled back at them. They just seem so misguided, it's sort of tragic how misguided they are, especially when most of the anti-gay ones are doing it for the benefit of religion, etc. I always felt sorry for them.

I've always been curious to ask them what they did in Gomorrah, though. I think my sexual life may be only getting half the picture.


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