Miserable at Best

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So now she's telling her boyfriend on face book,that i am a *Fake Emo Chick*.
first she bitches about ME to her BOYFRIEND(must be occurring quite often,i suppose) and then she does that in PUBLIC! on Facebook!
no,she didnt use my name. but any of our close friend's would get it.its so obvious that she WANTED me to see that.
She starts it.She breaks it.She breaks me.And then she goes around telling that im a FAKE EMO CHICK!!!
im so furious! i can actually call her up and bombard her. she's just making me hate her. making me hate the fact that im still hung up on her.
she obviously does not have any sentiments, and does not realise the harm she's done.
she's totally,completely,absolutely over me.
she probably even hates me now.
im cool.
im gona get over her.thats it.what does she think she is anyway? she's nothing but a bitch. she broke my heart and now she could'nt care less. thats fine enough,because,im going to show her that i dunt care either.
i hate her.how can she be so cold?how can she NOT CARE??
and we were FRIENDS first! how can she just FORGET all that??!!

I can live without you but,
Without you,i'll be miserable at best.
-Mayday Parade.


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Ok, so she's an idiot. But

Ok, so she's an idiot. But I'm assuming in the not totally distant future you'll want somebody new. So if you stay calm and don't bombard her, cry, moan and rip her to shreds, your note-taking peers won't mark you down as psycho-ex forevermore and she'll be the villain.

I mean back in the schooldays my best friend technically stole another younger girl's boyfriend. The spurned girl, who was your age actually, reacted... badly. And we've left school, but she's still there and known to all, at every school, in the area as Psycho Maz. Unfair, but true.

So come on here and vent your upset, but don't drag it out into the public. Or you'll be the epicentre of gossip.

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that's too bad.

i wish there was a "getting over it" button.
that we could all press sometimes. it would make life a lot easier.

and i love that song.