mmm, power outages

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So on Valentine's day, of all days, school had a power outage. Now mind you, all of you queens out there are thinking, "WHAT? YOU WERE STUCK IN THE DARK WITH A WHOLE BUNCHA GUYS?!" This was not a good thing.

In the morning, I come in and I hang out in the cafeteria with my pals until the bell rings, as I do every day. This day however, I came in, and upon 5 minutes of my arrival, half of the lights in the cafeteria go out, just randomly. I think that this is just someone playing a prank, and I go on my merry, gay way to my locker, the bell having rung. I get there, and all the lights in the basement (creepy) are out, as well as in Rm. 17 and the disciplinary office. Odd, I think. But again, I go on my merry, gay way, taking out my books and heading off to my former French classroom to study (it's where I go to hide from people, the teacher's real nice and he lets me chill in there).

As I'm heading up the stairs, this senior (who I happen to dislike very, VERY much), comes shouting something about the lights, and as soon as he says this, ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE BUILDING WENT OUT (-cue dramatic music-)! I'm a little freaked, but undeterred, I continue on my merry, gay way through the now pitch black hallways to Rm. 49. I'm almost there, about to reach the 2nd floor, when my former French teacher comes walking down the hallways with some other teachers, herding the freshmen away from their lockers. They're all shouting, "Everyone to the cafeteria! GET AWAY FROM YOUR LOCKER! GO TO THE CAFETERIA GENTLEMEN!"

I think myself, "You do realize that it's going to be pretty hard to fit 900+ teenage boys into a tiny cafeteria...?"

I get back to the cafeteria, where all the str8 boys are all screaming and laughing and causing general anarchy, and the Magical Disciplinarian of Death, Terry (hehe, Terry) is trying to keep things under control with his Demerit Giving Powers. Less than 2 minutes of getting there, I'm told that now I have to hike up to the gym (cafeteria=1st floor, gym=3rd floor). I follow my friend K up to the gym, he walks past me rubbing his nipple for no apparent reason, don't ask me why. We get there and sit. For a half-hour.

Half an hour and several str8 boys screams later, we're herded to homeroom, where supposedly we're going to get the morning announcements and then we'll be free to leave.

Lies. All lies.

I get to Rm. 24, and sit for another half-hour. No announcements, no "gentlemen you're free to leave". Instead, with 7 minutes left until 9 o'clock, I'm told to report to my first period. Why?!


My principal comes on the PA system. Apparently, there was an electrical fire under the building that shut down the power at school and some of the surrounding buildings. PECO Energy, of course, shows up and the saves the day, and whoop-de-doo! CLASSES RESUME! *groan*

And so we went the rest of the day shouting, "FUCK PECO!" in the hallways. Terry the Magical Disciplinarian of Death was not amused.

Funny, when power goes out in residential areas, PECO takes hours to get it going again. But when we want the power out so we can get out of school, they take about an hour and 20 minutes. But considering that my school is right across the street from a hospital, it's good they got the power back on quickly.

So that was The Day The Lights Went Out At Ricky's Conservative Christian High School.


I should put more of these stories down on paper and maybe turn them into a novel of some sort. Yeah, that sounds good. :D


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dude, I will so buy a novel

dude, I will so buy a novel about your merry gay romps.

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