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today was pretty good.

you know how sometimes after you've loved someone for a long time, it becomes sort of.. habit? that's what loving summer's like right now.

it's weird.

anyways: this morning i made myself a mocha. it was good. i tried to go to the studgov meeting at lunch, but it had been canceled. i hate studgov. it's kinda pointless to belong to. what us members do barely matters.

i'm thinking of joinging GSA... what do you think?
it freaks me out a bit... but... what say you, good people of oasis?

i'm bored. and i have a chem lab to do.


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you should DEFINATELY join

you should DEFINATELY join GSA. GSAs are amazing... it's always difficult to put yourself out to the school by joining, but usually it's much less of a big deal than people think. And trust me, it'll be worth the risk.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?