Multicultural Education

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I'm currently enrolled in a class called "foundations of education" which essentially is what it sounds like, a class on the history of teaching. As you may guess a class on the history of teaching isn't the most interesting class and due to this I was prone to skipping class to spend time with James (Time definitely well spent). However as a VERY negative consequence of this choice was I missed out on the day we pick our topics for the term paper which has to be 7 to 10 pages long. After scrolling down the list I found one topic that appeared doable (wow doable doesn't come up as wrong under spell check) The topic was "Multicultural education". When I asked my teacher what this topic would entail she said that basically what I was to do was write about the various cultural studies classes that were available and the pros and cons of offering these classes in public schools. Now this project has become a game of "try to fill up the page with 7 pages of filler" which is not what I initially intended it to be. I was able to find information on Black, Hispanic, and Womens studies but I haven't been able to find information on any gay studies classes (none are offered at my college).

Does anyone know where I can find information on gay studies classes? Maybe a site that's pro or con this subject or information on how the course idea originated? I'm also allowed to include testimonial-esque things in this essay so if anyone has attended such a class or another multicultural study class and has any feedback on what they thought of it I'd appreciate that also.

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google! also, look up on

also, look up on collegeboard for schools that offer it, then go to the program websites.
maybe email a professor at another college and ask about the program?

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Yeah, you'll just have to do

Yeah, you'll just have to do a search for queer studies (you'll get more hits with that than gay studies) and also standard gender studies will have more than just women's. Of course, there are also Asian and Native American aspects to take into consideration for a multicultural education paper if that helps at all.

I feel like your teacher may have narrowed you a bit with that explanation--I'd look beyond just classes offered and more into programs that are available and the controversies surrounding them--bilingual education for example is absolutely fascinating to research and a pretty huge issue.

I feel like this topic actually has quite a bit of potential.

Though I've not had the opportunity to take a queer studies class, as my college doesn't even offer gender studies, everything falls under the women's studies heading (it's a women's college...long bizarre story as to why we don't call them gender studies), I have taken a few different fusion classes that were women's/queer/minority women focused, and if you have any questions I'm more than happy to help.

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There is a perverse irony of someone studying to be a teacher that is just trying to fill up as many pages to meet the minimum requirement for the assignment, no?


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Filler filler and more filler

Well as I've stated this is not my subject of choice and because of that I'm trying to skate by on the minimum. Plus when it comes to ten page papers, it usually makes it easier if you actually care about the subject, in this case I don't so there's a possibility that the paper may include alot of filler

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Well, then the challenge is to show you can put the same effort into something you're not passionate about. Few people get to find employment that is wall-to-wall passion.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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i think there are some new jersey colleges that have some, one i think is ramapo and maybe William Paterson university, i think i saw a news article or something on it.
good luck XD

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how about the abstinence

how about the abstinence programs, or maybe the lack of programs offered... I mean come on gays and bis are everywhere... some of the most kick ass writer/artists/actors were gay/bi..... hell, takei, the best actor of them all is gay.... (sulu)
how about religious systems....... or maybe eastern vs western philos.... thats a kick ass topic you have.....
I have found that, solong as your teach isnt a horrid bitch(to include all sex/gender) the more complex and involved/evolved your paper is, into the "greater ramifications," the better

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