my awesomely awesome day =]

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ok so today was basically amazing!
it was the best day i have had in a long time.
school was fun and i got to hang out with my choir teacher.
he helped me work on one of my songs. =]
i am really excited because i get to sing it in front of my class as a solo.
if i am good enough i hope to sing it at are next concert. =]
yet another awesome event was in the library of my school.
one of my friends and i had a very interesting conversation.
she basically told me she has a crush on me.
which totally made me blush.
i don't think anything will happen between us as of now.
I'm not ready for a real relationship.
but its always nice to have a pretty girl like you.
random thought! I'm playing with flome!
i love it.
after school i went to a few of my friends soccer game!
it was awesome!
are team won 7 to 1!
and one of my friends was hit in the face....
needless to say the game was exciting.
(my finger is bleeding....)
i almost forgot that i dyed my hair today!
it was pink and dark brown b4 i dyed it.
the dye i got was atomic turquoise.
my hair is purple....
but there are random spots of the blue i wanted. =]
its amazingly fierce!
i have been listening to Amanda Lepore since i dyed it.
anyway i am off to play with my make up. =]
i feel like taking pics.