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Hey all-

I wanted to share an artist I found with everyone. Jason Ricci : have you heard of him? I'm going through a blues/rock phase and I think he's phenomenal. Plus, he's openly gay! Let me know what you think of him, and feel free to reply with anyone you're listening to that you think I might like!

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New stuff I like...

Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
Take her Back - Pigeon Detectives
And the entire Vampire Weekend CD, for whom I just for tickets to their upcoming show in SF


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My friend was shepherding

My friend was shepherding Vampire Weekend around London a couple of weeks ago. Apparently they're really nice, but were really suprised when they found out they were playing at 1.00am. As in, that was past their bed times. Anyway, I could have gone see them but I was busy. Didn't break my heart though, they're alright but nothing exciting.

I guess Hot Chip is new over in the states? I liked their other stuff more.
I just looked up to see when Over and Over and Boy From School were released off their last album and it was at the start of 2006. Which is disgusting because that's actually a really long time ago. And now I feel my youth is fleeting.

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One band has my eternal love and stands above all rest in my eyes, I am speaking of none other than Ludo, the band you've never heard of. Well I know no one will check them out based on my opinion but to those into alternative rock should check them out.

They have a new album out in about oh 18 days?! I can't wait.

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They're this metal band from Louisiana with a big cult following in the southern states, despite being disbanded. Anyway, kind of an acquired taste, but good enough to look up.