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so right now, im waiting for my friend to go online so we can talk and catch up with each others' lives. we havent talked for weeks, and we're both not used to not talking to each other for quite a long time-more than 2 weeks already. before, we used to talk everyday, but then i got busy in the military and now it eats up most of my time. so now, whenever we get to talk, we talk just for an hour or less and usually i am tired and he senses that i am tired.

we seldom communicate through our cellphones because i usually prioritize my "work" (which is the military) than my personal messages, and when i check his messages, im am too tired to reply. i know it's like the military has been my life, but i had no choice. i apologized a thousand times to him because i havent talked to him for quite awhile now, and he says he understands and that i chose to become busy. actually i dont know if he was being sarcastic or what when he said that i chose to become busy.

i can tell him everything-everything you can think of: that i hate it because i have my period, i saw my crush awhile ago, that i will have a date on the 14th, etc.

anyway, i just miss him.and i dont think he'll go online tonight. it's already near midnight and he usually goes online at 9pm. it is 11pm already.