"Oh? Him?"

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Myke and me were at our home,
it's really really funny.
His friend is talking to him,
while I was watching T.V.

"That boy I see Jaize with...
Who is he?"
Myke smiles as his answer forms. I can see it from the corner of my eyes.
"Oh? Him?
He's just the boy that makes Ronni smile,
and think. He makes her fall in love."
Myke said.
Corny sniggered.
I smiled.
Along with Mykes friend.
"His name is carlos,
and I'm faling even deeper and deeper in love with him,
becasue he has a smile that seems so innocent,
and these big brown eyes that are so cute.
And he's stupid in a good way.
He's my boyfriend."
I finish softly.

"Straight from her mouth. She's in love."
Myke says.
"You know very well me and Cornelious'll ahev our hands full.
Making sure he doens't place hands where they don't belong."
He had winked.
My mind broke into song.
Mykel loves me.
ANd so does Corny.
It's not enough sometimes though.
When who loves you is every little bit
a part of you.
Than someone who loves you
is so far from you, but loves you
just for being you.