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Ok so for the past couple months I've had a crush on this guy who my friend Nick introduced me to (before I came out to him). However, I never acted on this because at the time if I had it would have meant being forced out of the closet to Nick and that wasn't something I was ready for at the time. Well time goes by and my schools semester starts and who do I see on campus one day but the guy from earlier, whose name is James by the way. I flashed him a flirty sort of smile as I passed and headed off to class obsessing over it but thinking that nothing would ever come of it because well I'd be lucky to see him randomly on campus and it's not like we had any classes together.

So the next day I head off to a class I knew I was going to hate, Music Appreciation. Normally I love music but the class focuses on the origins of modern music and theres really only so many times I can listen to Gregorian chants and still be amused. So I just came into the class and sat in the back wishing it over. I was just about to contemplate killing myself with a protractor (not really) when who walks in but James! OMG I almost died, the class just had a positive twist. However I was too chicken shit at the time and just stayed in my seat in the back admiring him from afar...yeah I'm a loser, I know.

BUT the next class period I had it all planned out. I strategically placed myself right next to where he sat the previous class. I was going to talk to him even if it killed me. Now during class I didn't get much of a chance seeing as this is a lecture course and I sit in the front but this did give me a chance to notice how smart he is, I mean we were listening to all these old latin songs and he was just answering questions left and right about them while I was just dumbfounded.

So after class I turn to him and say "This is a kind of weird question but do you by chance know Nick Welz?" He looked at me and a smile went across his face. "I knew you looked familiar, I saw you at the arcade a couple months ago" he said. I was ecstatic. We talked a little and I was having a good time but I had to leave for my next class so I said goodbye knowing that I had finally opened communication with him.

So I head off to the office to drop of a background check form for my education class and go to pull it out of my binder...but my binders gone. I freak out, because all my important stuff was in there and now it's gone. So I rush back to the building and who do I see outside, frankly if you can't guess by now you're missing the point of this entry. He tells me that he found my binder and he gave it to my teacher. He says he would have chased after me but I was long gone. Yeah James is awesome.

I REALLY hope he's single right now, I mean I know he's gay and open about it but this is my first time wanting to ask a guy out. Is the dialogue any different or am I just fretting over nothing?


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Go for it. Actually, find out if he is single first, then go for it. If you and him start doing whatever it is two horny, gay college students do then he could help you in your boring Music Appreciation class. I can't really give you any advice, but I'm wishing you luck.

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You could either have a cool gay friend or a cool gay guy to date? Even your fallback position is good, so no worries...


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Go go go!

Sounds like a lovely progression, and as Jeff pointed out, if he's not a date, he can be a friend!

I'd say approach it as a FRIENDship first, even if you want to jump his bones and haven't done anything serious with a guy before and want to, he might not be single, or into one night stands, or could turn out to be much more important purely as a friend throughout your next years than anything else!

You should totally make a joke about the Gregorian chants, since that made me mentally laugh nicely! If there's a day when you have a shared class and you're free for the next 2 hours following, that sounds optimal in terms of asking him out in an open context, ala, "Hey, are you hungry?" or "Sometimes these Gregorian chants make time fly by so fast!" "Say, want to grab a bite to eat?" And then if that prelude turns out nicely, he might ask you out after you're done eating, or if he doesn't, then maybe don't push it and just wait until a few classes/talks have passed with him to ask again.

Anyway, YAY on finding a nice gay boy!

You're Amazing.

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Do the whole friends thing first. It generally is a good precursor to dating, I've found, especially if you've only talked to him once or twice. Once you've gone a few weeks into the semester, then maybe ask him out?

But congratulations on this potential date! He sounds like a sweetie.

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hay thats great. see this is

hay thats great. see this is what i love about Oasis i can just read love story after love story its fantastic! well keep talking to him i mean hes friendly after all so it couldnt be that hard and you have already started an open covnversation so how hard could it be to talk to him again. congreats! well that works i guess. XD
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