Open Call Auditions for Spring Awakening

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The more people I know on Broadway, the less often I'll have to pay, so this was recently sent out to Spring Awakening fans...

"If you havn't been on our page recently, we have a new round of Open Call auditions in Toronto (Feb 10th), Wash DC (Feb 16th), Atlanta (March 8th), Boston (March 15th), and New York (April 6th). Please help us get out the word if you know of friends who have been dying to audition for us. Many people have told me they didn't hear about the last one in time. Info is on the left hand side of our pimped out page, in the new "News and Announcements" section. I have no idea if we will be having any more auditions. We are also still accepting video submissions at this time."

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Where in Boston? And what do

Where in Boston? And what do we need to sing?

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Three years out of date :(


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I must say you're very enthusiastic!