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Classes have been ok. I have both my 1st Exams for HNA and Math next Thurs. Kickboxing has been good,although,except for the bodybag stuff and my turn to hold it for my partner,hehe. My hamstrings are sore though,gotta stretch for longer I guess. I started work on my 1st project for 3-D design and have 2 more days(but could include weekend) until the duedate of the 11th.


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Sounds fun!

Good luck with those exams this week! Kickboxing sounds exciting! Do you visit a fun girls' changeroom after? Ok, that might be a bit perverse, but if you were tired after the kickboxing then it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe. Have a fun second semester whenever it starts!

You're Amazing.

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Thanks! I'll need the luck for only Math though. It is. No. I'm in like my 4th semester.