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oh, i know i'm bitter.
but you must understand my frustration,
you refuse to see what i have made so clear to you.
you ask why i've been different,
and i say nothing has changed.
you don't understand.
i wish i had fallen for someone a bit cleverer than you.

but, yet again, i'm off describing to you in my twisting turning words the burning in my soul. the desire for more. for you. you can't see past the twists and turns, i'm running too fast for you to catch me.

i can't slow myself down for you.
because i'm scared.
because i'm afraid that once you know, i won't be able to pretend anymore. because i'm afraid of how you'll think of me. i'm afraid that i'll scare you.
because it seems as if the thought of me being anything but straight has never crossed your mind. it seems as if you never want more than what we have. it seems as if you're content.

when you were upset,
i asked you why.
and you said you didn't know.

i don't understand you.