Scion's Blood Trailer

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My editor flipped over the OQ trailer and instructed me to get busy and do one for Scion's Blood ASAP. Well, here it is:

Or click here to go to YouTube:

Pass the word if you'd be so kind and repost anyplace you can think of. Don't forget - Broke? Oppressed within your household? Just private me about getting the e-book version of either of these titles FREE OF CHARGE. My offer still and always will stand. No kid is going to miss out on reading my books cuz they have pinheads for parents or simply can't afford to buy them.

Life's been bad these past couple weeks, and having you guys around - all my friends - teens, YAs and even some grown-ups - well, it's one of the reasons I am still around. Don't feel bad asking me for the books because it's the least I can do in exchange for what you all bring to me.

I love you all,