so today...

hellonwheels's picture the end of work, this bitchy lesbian co-worker of mine comes up to me and says...'lets talk'...i was like ok, and followed her into this back room @ work where people cant hear what we are talking she was asking about the bike polo game on monday night and what happened after she left her bike and left w/ some during the course of the night, several peeps rode her rig, and soem ppl we work with were even bunny hopping it and shit...and when my bike broke, someone threw me hers as a sub bike...i got crashed into several tiems and then the wheel finally went oout of i am getting blamed...I offered to take her biek home a few times, and lance, the guy who usually takes it down the street to his house left it there for 15 minutes after the last game and didn't come back for it, which i explained to her...she wasnt buying she is saying that 3 of my co-workers are all saying somethign different then me, even tho some of them weren't even there and one of them that she said she alkedto told me he hadn't talked to her at all...i am just kinda pissed because she accused me of lyign and calling everyone else liars because of my age...i got defensive and kept telling her my side of the story and she wouldnt have was all about how i just came out of high school...she used my age as a base to call me a liar...then when i tried to explain to her my side of things, she wouldn't have it...i even offered to buy a new wheel or help to true up her other one and she is still bitching about it...lance, my co-worker is insisting that i insisted on taking her biek home, which is bullshit...when i tried to talk to him about it, he responded in his usual cocky tone and said, dude, you broke her shit, you brought it home, its your responsibilty...the fucker...i only took the biek home because he left it and i didn't want her bike to get stolen...i did her a favor and i get the shaft for it...

not to mention i take this girl snowboardign all the she doesn't trust me, thinks i am a liar, which she even said to my face...she said, and i kid you not...'dude, lying is just your style...everyone around you knows you lie about little shit all the time'....I was like, wtf??? i haven't lied about anything to anyone here since i started working here...i know there are guys at the shop that dont care for me, and there are definitely people i could live without, but i dont go around spreading bullshit lies and twisting things that were said to put a negative light on things,...people are just taking the situation way out of context and i am the one who is ending out paying for it...i will buy her a newwheel, as i did do some of the damage, but it is bullshit the way my co workers aren't ownign up to their parts in the story and are putting the blame on me or telling her one thing and me another...

several people rode her bike that night, including one of our co-workers who was bunny-hopping it and riding wheelies on it for a fewminutes, which a road biek was never meant to's bullshit. i guess i jsut have to deal w/ it in the morning.


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oooh, there there my darling *hug*
that was the longest sentence i've ever fucking read and i think that you are right that you are partly to blame but not fully, it's clear that they've all decided quite comfortably to put the blame on you so you have to just stick to u'r story and try and catch ppl out in their lies, without telling lies you lying little !!!liar!!!! and what's this about the girl you take snowboarding u little fag? you should be taking me snowboarding and then for a porking oh and u'r friend that you take snowboarding must be a bit of a bitch to say that to you i think you hsould dump her or tell her that you were lying when you said you liked her at all and that u'r just using her for sex but you really like ferrets with tiny penises.

love ya!

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Sounds like all blame returns back to her for leaving the bike in the first place, no? That seems to be when she left the security of her bike up to chance.


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