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Who would've thought?


Cute cute boy. He's the drummer for the band I'm in. If I was straight I'd eat this shit right up.

But this was my favorite:

Y and C, hahahahah!

Ok, and did I ever talk about that dream both me and S had where they kissed? And I told them they would and they said never. Well, never say never.


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Does he drum shirtless? Band profile on myspace? hehehe


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Unfortunately, no. I'll

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::blink:: wait, so what was

wait, so what was the intent behind drummer-kiss? What's coming of it? You can't just give us these little threads of gossip and not the whole story! What about all us poor information-starved people who live vicariously through the lives of other Oasians, huh? HUH???

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I gave the full story on my

I gave the full story on my previous journal. Hello!! =]

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Hey! You're cute. The girls

Hey! You're cute. The girls look mortified, hahaha.

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Thank you! The girl with the

Thank you! The girl with the beanie is my girlfriend =]]

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Hey, the drummer's cute! " .

Hey, the drummer's cute!

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