That feeling called Love...

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I dun understand love.
what is love anyway?
i believe it is nothing but a bug which bites us to make us aware of its existance.once aware,it slowly layer by layer,eats us up.soon we are more vulnerable to getting hurt,pain and harm.we open ourselves like dumfucks and allow the person to enter into our so called perfect lives to permenantly alter our perception on things.
it changes u,fooling u that it is for the twists and turns you in such a way,u'd forget what you originally were.
i mean,if the peron turned out to be a jerk,its just another reason to bleed.
one becomes emotionally dependant,physically AND spiritually dependant loses themselves in the other.
is that what love is all about?
losing urself?
suddenly,all the decisions CANNOT be taken without his/her consent.
i mean,where the fuck is ur induviduality??!!
shudnt love make a person grow as an induvidual and make them love themselves more than ever?
are we,as the youth,taking the wrong meaning of Love?Are we misusing the word?do we really KNOW what love is?
arent we too young to love someone else?i mean,here we are,stressing over our brand new pimple or a bad hair day.HOW can we fall in love with someone else,when we havnt learnt to love ourselves FIRST?!!
only when you love yourself,are emotionally stable,are self confident and reached that level of self actualization,can you truly PEACEFULLY fall in love.otherwise,there is just gona be too many ego clashes,non compatibity blah blah.
maybe thats why they say that teenagers cant really fall in love.
maybe what they are trying to tell us is that,with age,comes a certain level of self actualization.
and maybe,just maybe,thats when you WILL fall in that little pit(:P) called love.
this does not however say that i dunt believe in love.
i do.i really do.i just feel that there is a perfect timing for everthng.its all written up there.we just have to wait for Princess/Prince Charming,dont we? =D
(note: no offence to ANY human being out there in love or a strong believer in teenage just expressing my feelings here=) )


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here here? XD

we'll said and in my oppionon sadly true.
Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up she goes up she goes
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
In the air she goes there she goes
Up, up, a little bit higher
Oh, my, the moon is on fire