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Everyone wants to be my best buddie lately.It's strange.Not in a bad way like everyone is being false or anything.Just that I seem to be getting really friendly with a lot of people lately.Generally I don't make friends too easily.I only really had a few friends throughout my childhood.Like I kept the same group of friends throughout primary school,right the way through secondary level.Then I kind of had a few loner years when I was finished school and putting off starting college.I was extremely shy.I didn't really know how to mix with people that well.I still am quite shy,but I've learned how to interact with people a lot better.I always feel suprised when people like me.I know that sounds strange,but I think its mainly because I didn't really get along with most of my peers at school.Mainly because of my quiteness/shyness.I think I was precieved as being a nerd and a swat.Maybe I was and maybe I still am,I'm not sure.But people don't seem to mind so much anymore.

Everyone seems to want advice lately.Which seems to be drawing them into me.Everyone keeps telling me their secrets and their problems.I listen,and usually find something to say that seems to help.I know that makes me seem arrogant.I don't mean I have the answers to everything or anything like that.I just mean that I appear to have everything together and figured out,but honestly so much of the time I haven't a clue.I wonder when they will start to notice,the secrets I never tell.


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T&S?! The Con?! =P

I like you, I relate...... don't know what else to say.... =D