Wow, lot of f***ing going on lately...

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It started with Matt Damon, but it just won't stop... here's a guide:

Then Jimmy retaliated...

And now other celebrities are getting into the mix, as well... who will be next?

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I hadn't seen the second and

I hadn't seen the second and third one... i love it..
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I like Jimmy Kimmel's video

I like Jimmy Kimmel's video the best :)

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haha my dad had me watch

haha my dad had me watch those when they first came out right. I like Jimmy Kimmels :)

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i wish i could make a

i wish i could make a video... I'm F***ing Shakira. lol


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The hard part of these videos is that you actually have to get Shakira to shoot it with you. So, there is an obvious hurdle. Unless you are fucking Shakira... then just a matter of seeing if she'll do it.


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omg rofl

i cant watch the otheres for some reason but those to are so funny. omg lol i loved them

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