10,000 B.C.

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So I went and saw 10,000 B.C. at Edwards Theater in Brea. I liked hanging w/Johnny(from Myspace) and the other LAMBDA members. The only 'bad' thing was when guy Alex kinda stole my seat but I was able to move right next to me so it kinda didn't matter but still. The movie was good but Sara(whom I referred to as 'the girl' while talking to some1) said she didn't like it cuz it wasn't totally historically accurate. I even asked why she came when she wanted to see another film and made it known prior to buying tix. Pssh,you think the people who came out from seeing 300 in theaters was like "that movie woulda been better if it portrayed them not wearing all that fancy armor or capes/costumes"?. no! I liked the previews for Wanted and Hancock and another flick but dk it title. This week's school has been ok. I worked w/Myra in the ML for an hour and a half on our Redo Exam and we were also talking about our kickboxing class earlier that day and we were laughing and stuff. I told you guys about my field trip to George Page Museum ,right?

I find out my new grade on Exam 2 probably on Tues:) and next week I start working on my 2nd project some more. I have all the pieces cut and sanded(from last week) but I'm gonna sand a lil more so they'll be more curvier in some areas, and then I can paint for those 2 days too. Hopefully Klutch(teacher)is giving our old extended date of being due next Wed. to being due next next Monday since he wasn't there this past Wed. Hmm,my cousin Ronnie sent me a msg asking me to readd her,so I did. If she asks why I took her off,I'll say it's cuz she and Jenny(my cousins over here) haven't spoken to me since like Aug.,so I took them off in October. I'm going to do all my hwk for Ch.5,study the 3 types of polynomials or whatever for this weekend,and then go to the ML/TC for like an hour a day til my Exam 3 on Thurs.. OOO,new Otocber Road ep this Monday for 2 hrs(season finale) and it looks like Eddie's ex is gonna try to get Eddie away from Janet and I wonder what she looks like,probably all supermodel/skinny like. I bet Janet won't like that,being compared by body image kinda. Ooo,the 3 eps of SVU on USA tonight are 2005-2006 season:).


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hm i saw "10,000 BC" got

hm i saw "10,000 BC" got really bad reviews... =\

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Well I liked it. Sara was

Well I liked it. Sara was the only 1 who didn't like it but she did like it overall.