a friend indeed.

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"i walked into a room full of both strangers and friends, with a smile i sat down but with a frown i looked around. someone i knew turned around and asked me, "whats wrong?", i looked at him and replied, "i feel lost". he looked around the room then turned to me, "how are you lost? all your friends are here with you". i glanced at all the people around me, knowing i had a friend in each of their smiling faces, but the tears still welled up in my eyes. "you're missing someone aren't you?" he asked, gently wiping the tears from my cheeks. i nodded. "it'll be okay i'm sure they're missing you too" he said, taking me into his arms and hugging me."

that...is a friend indeed.

so how is everyone? good i hope. :). other than the fact...im second guessing my whole joining the military deal...im good. im in love. my <3 is with the girl that i wanna spend my life with & im currently missing her like crazy now. im also tiredd as heck, so im outta here. i be back laters. take cares! :)