A Month and a Year and a Year= Teendom Gone Bye!

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So I am sitting here and have been basically trying to work on things (an assortment of fun March Break assignments to do, and a Monday and Tuesday test to consider studying for) but have that whole non-motivation piece revolving in my teenage mind.

Nope, not any loopy mantra about "Don't be motivated, it's not the teenage way" but just an unwillingness to do anything! I want to go dancing or watch a movie with Lovelyboy or really and truly just be off doing anything gay-associated in an urban centre.

I'm not even bored and I can acknowledge my lack of wanting to do anything, which should make me feel terrible, but nope, not much feeling coming through here! The exclamation point was pretty much placed of it's own accord, since I have loads to do and should actually apply effort to what I have to do in order to keep a good average for my nice university applications yet I'm not doing a THING.

Oh well, at least I know I've been like this before, and I know most of you here have too, but it's pretty damn inane. I can write up a lot more right now too, but I don't care to do so, ugh.

At any rate, tears are for fears and my lack of tears is a good thing then. Not that I have anything to cry about - except this stupidity that is my mind not being motivated to do a single thing.

And I have to edit this in, I'm so , the subject here = my birthday is in April, and I'll turn 18, which is nice in it's own ways, but woo a year after that I'll be 19 and a year after that I'll be outside of teenage angst world! Probably not.

And I'm not hardly tired either! I'll have something better for you next time I'm sure!