a wise introduction

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sometimes no one ever really understands what it means to be me. there are many labels i adhere to... i just sometimes don't understand why they all have to be separate. i tend to write in all lowercase letters as its easier for me to get out my writing. unless its like my name or something important that needs to be uppercase. if anything out of all that i've been through, i wish i could go back and fix some things to make myself more loving and carefree. i wish i didnt have to worry about these stresses and worries of the possibilities of being homeless, not having a family, nor having suffienct friends. i think i can count on both hands my circle of friends and maybe half of that i consider "family". see, my mother kicked me out when i turned 18 and i've kinda been on my own since, i drifted from place to place and wandered a little bit, then i ended up in college.... and now i'm studying to be an english teacher... i know your saying, if i can't capitolize, why teach? because i love writing and the english language. i have a list of things i want to accomplish in my life.... but nows not the time to share them, im a buddhist and a green witch. i combine philosophy with religion in hopes of gaining some form of knowledge.... i love research and finding things out. i'm a google addict and the internet is my 3rd home. i made this blog as a place for me to express myself and actually tell the truth of how i'm feeling with things in the world. i'm sure with time i'll learn all the functions of things but for now i guess this is good. take care

I also have a blog on wordpress. but thats more for political feminist stuff. i'd like this one for queer related things. =]