adding to the weird dream collection

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I had yet another weird dream Thursday night. It was hot though.

So in the dream, I'm talking to a friend of mine (I think), and this guy that I was crushing on in my art class (we'll call him H) comes up to me and says something, I don't remember what though. Well anyways, before I even get to say something back, he fucking RUNS away from me, not in a bad way, I think he wanted to play tag with me, he's that kind of guy. So I jet off after him, and I follow him into this highway overpass, and I finally corner him. He manages to pin me to the ground (mmm rawr~), and he leans in to kiss me, but instead he just puts his head on my shoulder, and I stroke his head and kiss his forehead, and finally he kisses me.

And, of course, before anything else can happen, I wake up. I hate dreaming. Always cutting off the good part...So I wake up, and I'm just like, WTF?!? See, for the longest time I had been kinda repressing the fact that I liked this guy because I thought I was gonna be with A, but I don't think I will, so I'm wondering if this is some sort of sign (I'm constantly praying for signs in my dreams) that I should try and get close to H? I dunno. It was weird how my dream was really detailed, usually my dreams are kinda abstract. Like in this dream, H was wearing a purple sweater, which he always wears. He was also carrying a stack of books, which he always does because he never goes to his locker... :P And when he ran off, he ran in his usual "Look at me, I can run like a girl without dropping these textbooks" fashion.

I'm probably over-analyzing things, but who knows. Either way, I'm stalking him on Facebook because he's on my Suspected Lovers of Cock List (TM).


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What's the downside to getting to know him whether he ends up being a future bf or not? If he ends up being a good friend, that's fine, too. And if nothing happens between you two, then you're basically where you are right now, only with clarity.


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