All you need is LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE. <3

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Ok so there is this girl i like...ok not like LOVE im in love with her. we met at a drill meet two years ago and lost contact but found eachother online a couple weeks ago. We have started talking again and gotten realy close, i mean really close, but the thing that sucks is she is back in Florida and im in South Dakota till school gets out in 2 months, we were supposed to meet up when i was in FL last week but my mother was being a bitch and wouldnt let me go anywere... -_- ..... i really like her and she has told me she really likes me but we both have trust issues, we've been hurt ALOT be family and partner's and we are both scared to get into another relationship. we have both agreed that until we meet we are not going to date because we dont want to get so ahead of ourselves that when we meet it will all fall through and not work out. but GODDESS i love this girl she is amazing she sees me for who i really am and not what im not (in my case what im lacking in dah *points between crotch* yea) heh heh heh shes amazing and im in love with her as i have said lol but yea *Hearts in eyes* i love this girl and i cant wait to be dating her, we both have said that it feels like we are dating already and she calls me Babe and all that GOD I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!