And the Award Goes to...

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THE liars. So well-equipped with the mechanism for deciet humans are. Some actually enjoy the thrill that comes with knowing that you have intentionally built a world of fallacy. Then there are those who still have that conscience that society has impregnanted in our heads. No stop that, its wrong. Wrong. What a very abstract idea. Oh yes, it is an idea. NOTHING is as plain as the light of the moon, and even sometimes that's well-hidden. It would not be so untruthful for me to say that I respect liars because in a very odd way I do. Well, respect is such an esteemed term. So, for all saving- my- ass- from total- fallacy purposes, we will call is weariness. I regonize the fact that liars have power. Power to create and destroy, much like writers or arists. All human activity is aimed at osme selfish revelation. Liars simply do it best. Not pathological liars who actually believe the webs that they spin into the insect ears of humans or those that do it simply to make their image appear less disoriented. NO, the liars who delight in the fact that once more they have created a story no one can prove false or dispute hold the power and they hold it with fetters that cut so deep into the skin of every idiot who falls victim. These people understand a humans need for trust, a general want of satisfaction that there is some good left in the world. No one makes heartbreak look so easy as a liar. A good one anyway.

I have had my fair share of calculated lies pelted at my young and naive mind. I am older. I am smarter. Just when i think I have a grip on things, someone like Gabby crawls into the picture. She looks like snake, now that i think about it. I give her that she lies without consequence. But that is thus negated by the fact she does not tell the same story all the time and she tells different people differenct versions. Lies are not ready made- to order, however you want it. This is not Burger King. She is the liar that does it simply to change her image. If she were the oh so powerful one i revere so, mabye i would not talk to degradingly about her.

I once admired the fact that she was honest because she was so open. Open in every disgusting and degrading connotation of the word. I hate her now.

And to think i fell for that snake of a person. Her secrets out. "Best part is it isn't even a good one."

She is weak. Not worthy of my words. We are told to never judge a person because we have our own weakness and vices. I know that i am inept and I am quite sure I am just not the one to criticise anyone. But for the moment its "hang exertion", I have exhausted all efforts; I am better than her. Better in every single way possible.

I fear I seem way too judgmental. Liars may make for the best stories, but the truth hurts worse. And it is such a good hurt.


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your right

you are better than her. hun... never forget that your AWESOME!! ttyl =)