Are you rosh?

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I-rosh!! Hahaha!

It's kind of a stupid in-joke. Gwen was a bit drunk once, listening to Flogging Molly's song "Rebels of the Sacred Heart" and she looked at me, slumped against my shoulder and slurred "Heeeey...this is our SONG, man...." I asked why that is, and she went on, "Cause we're IRISH, but we're not CATHOLIC. We don't go to the Sacred Heart church..."

So now, whenever I hear it I say, "Hey, Gwen. It's our SONG..." And she curses at me. :)

But R. O. S. H.= Rebels Of the Sacred Heart

So, are you Rosh? I-rosh...Get it? Cause "Irish", "Irosh"?...I /toldya/ it was stupid.

But a funny thing happened on Saturday. Haddie hadn't had a good day and she stopped in for a visit. At one point she looked like she could use a hug, so I gladly complied. Flogging Molly had been playing, but at this moment, the chorus to the song "Whistles the Wind" came on:

"Well it breaks my heart
To see you this way
The beauty in life where's it gone?..."

It actually would have been a really sweet (if cliche) moment if the two of us hadn't started laughing the way we did... :D At least we have a good sense of humor.


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oh em gee. i'm I-Rosh. lol.

oh em gee. i'm I-Rosh. lol. but for reals though im irish(only part tho) and i'm not catholic

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Yeah. I'm Irish on my father's side. He was Irish and German. (Zieg Heil! Frikken Nazis...*rolls eyes*) But my mom's mexican...and I look white as anything... Oy. No one believes me when I say I'm Mexican, so I could never pull the race card with discrimination. Well, I COULD, but it wouldn't really work. :)

But I like bein Irish. Not 100% sure I am, actually, but no one could really say anything to the contrary. I have bright red hair, so there's nothing to really say there's no way I am. Mnyeah!

Everyone loves the Irish!!!

"Sail away where no ball or chain
Can keep us from the roarin' waves
Together undivided but forever we'll be free.
Sail away aboard or rig
The moon is full and so are we
Seven drunken pirates
We're the Seven Deadly sins!!."--Flogging Molly, "Seven Deadly Sins"