Big horrible T.O adventure...

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I'm currently laying on my sister's floor like i have been doing all weekend... I think i've sat on real furniture (like a bed or chair) for an hour in the past 48ish hours. Toronto had a huge snow storm like most of Ontario. There's tons of snow.... Everything closed and such. My sister's sick and i probably shouldn't have come up here this weekend. I'm going home at like 4 today. I miss my mom and dog, my sister is grumpy and i'm tired of being here . I need my stuff and furniture and food. My god! Food! Lol i know it sounds horrible but she's sick and stuff has been closed so friday night we ordered pizza. I've eaten that for most of my meals. I made a small omlet last night and then today i got a bagel... and apretty crappy drink from second cup.. It kinda looks like bard right now... it's gross.
And the worst thing of all I didn't even get to meet up with Ruby cuz on friday night when we were like 5 minutes away from each other on campus i couldn't cuz my sister got put on new drugs and she's allergic to soo much so when she starts new drugs we like someone to be with her and she was just gross and stuff. Then yesterday was a huge snow storm and i got dragged to the mall.. Where i only bought one thingy... but that's okay i'll come up to T.O some other time when my sis is better and such.
I'll complete this later when i get home to my baby (puppy) my mommy and my bed! and Yummy food.


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=( ooof. I'm sorry. Much

=( ooof. I'm sorry. Much condolences. ::gives good food::

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i am sad that we didn't get to chill!

BUT the most important thing is that your sister is alive and healthy.
this weekend was a super-shitty snowstorm anyway... u'll come back to toronto in a few weeks, when the weather is better and ur sister is better, and u'll have the time of your LIFE. trust me.
i wanna take u to the hottest lesbian/bi/girl dance-party in the city... BUT you'll need an I.D for that [as well as a lot of other cool clubs/lounges]... so now u have some time to work on getting that. there are lots of fun things to do in the gayborhood as well as the rest of Toronto. i'd prolly take u to Kensington market, the newly revamped R.O.M., Queen west, Yorkville, this super-fun karaoke bar that never cards... options, options. Think about what ur interested in.
u should try to make it to Toronto for the weekend of April 5th, cuz Dave's having his belated-birthday-bash at his place... that's gonna be a crayzeee night, i can't wait!
we'll chat soon hun... we're gonna get together before u know it!