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First off,thanks to the oasians who commented on my last journal.

I have been thinking some more about the whole sex,blowjobs etc..thing from my last journal.I think part of the reason I have been considering some sexy time with guys is that I am just tired of standing still.Of always being the single person in my group of friends.Everyone else has a boyfriend/girlfriend,had one,hooked up with someone at the weekend etc etc etc.I have had enough of being alone.Being boring,never any news or gossip.Basically the thing is I know I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one.The opportunity has presented itself often,to which I always refuse.

I know you are thinking so just come-out.Being open about my sexuality is of course the first step towards having a girlfriend.The thing is I just don't know where to start.I have told a few good friends already,but after that I'm not sure where to go from there.My college has a glbt group.Locating them and their meetings is proving quite the challenege though.

I didn't intend this entry to be all whingy,I think I am just frustrated with life in general at the moment.It all seems to just be standing still.I'm single and lonely,college work is a nightmare,and generally nothing seems to be working out.I know woe is me,I know I could have it way worse,but at the moment I think I'm just angsty and have enough of everything.

I'd like to just start everything over.


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It's just shit really, isn't

It's just shit really, isn't it?
You're lovely though and things will work out. They really will.

And you're making progress. And friends will tell friends (even if they promise not to- because well, you're bound to tell someone a bit like me who can't keep any secrets at all if they're really good ones) and before you know it you'll be out.

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Thanks,your comments always

Thanks,your comments always offer good support and advice=]

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