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I got a C on Project 1 for 3-D design and should get a better grade on Project 2 b/c of the form. I'm going to resand my pieces and paint some of em too for today. Jeez,got my Math grade back(but at least every1 sucked) and I did do BETTER than before but still not good enough. I do get to make it up though and already did the 1's I got wrong from before(but knew right way cuz she went over them). If I get 70% right(what you need to be considered),you get that added to your original score/grade. I did get the graphing 1,1/2 subsitutions,the perimeter 1 and 2 others right. I think Myra and I are going to meet up again to study for Redo/hwk. from yesterday's sections. I ate at Wahoo's yesterday for the 1 st time and it was pretty good considering I was skeptical.