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This is the last day of classes before spring break and i am really relieved that this semester is half way over. i love college, def the freedom. but so much has happen my freshman yr it warrants some kind of documentation. i cannot even say half the shit that has happened... like meeting and falling for this beautiful girl additcted to sucking coc, seeing everything i hate in this girl and eventually ending our friendship, scheduking my math test during math class, experiencing my first Tiger football game in the student section and i can garuntee nothing feels so much as a rush than th band playing pregame, goign to the emergency room for eight hours just because, well that is kind of a funny/disgusting story, lets just say that something had to be removed from my body, our football team winning the bcs championship,watching my bestfriend go through depression, late night trips to nowhere just to talk and strollin gin at four in the morning, my rooommate is going to leave me for the navy, meeting the only person that will probaby understand my passion for writing and having this person whose words leave me standing eloquent and profound tell me that i am the greatest storyteller she has even known. that is something, for me. i dont see it at all. she is so smart that sometimes im intimidated by it but all i have to do is shove a story or essay in her face and that somehow makes me feeel better about my intellectual abilities. i think her telling me she admires me is the most important thing that has happened this yr because i read her mind i read her journal, all the things she is and all the things she is not and i realize that i am inept. no matter the creativity, no matter my efforts of originality she stands out. i love the way she thinks, the way she sees the world. never in my short life have i ever met someon as unique as her. she gets it. she gets me. my best friend understands i love to write but he cannot understand why. she knows why. shes the other half of me. she is the beauty to my ugly. ugly with embellishments. that is her truth.