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I saw an extremely cute chick today in my exam hall.
The problem is,my gaydar is not that great.I can figure out if the person is gay,only by obvious signs[like short hair,or bitten nails etc.but i know that there are exceptions too].
I cudnt help check her out continuously! Even while writing the paper,when i would take a break to stretch,i would glance at her OMFG,sexy, long, smooth and fair legs.
And she has the most intense eyes ive ever seen. She even luked at me as if im gone mad[because i couldnt stop looking at her].But i assure you that she was NOT checking me out.Quite sad,but we cant do anything about it,since i look worse than a rotten tomato in my school uniform.
And plus,its an EXAM. im tensed ok? Yeh,so im thus excused for looking so disastrous.
Oh but she looked great even at an exam.She looked a bit messed up...but i like messed up :)
Ok,ok,so i know i have a girlfriend who is the cutest girl around ive actually known.[she won the title of the cutest girl in my class,so yeh:) ]
But its no harm checking out another girl right?I mean,its harmless.