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So I've decided to start counting calories. I know it's stupid but I want to be skinnier. I am not by all means a big girl but I still could lose a couple of pounds. I just want to look better in a swimsuit in the summer. Does anyone have any dieting tips? I've never dieted really so I could use all the tips I could get.


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Counting calories gets

Counting calories gets annoying because before you know it you know the calorific content of everything and eating gets less fun.

When I've lost weight it's been because I cut out all snacks between meals, give up any junk food and eat smaller portions. And don't drink your calories (alcohol, non-diet fizzy drinks). It can't not work.

Common errors include trying to use laxitives to lose weight (doesn't actually work and is obvioulsy disgusting, as my friend learnt the hard way). And trying to change your diet too much at once, since you'll crave the deliciously bad stuff.

Also make sure you're drinking lots of water because sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger and eat when they need to be drinking.

I don't diet at all anymore. It makes me unhappy. I am trying not to eat between meals because I'm comfort eating quite badly, but right now that's more about regaining self control than weight loss.

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Before you eat, take a

Before you eat, take a minute to figure out if you're hungry or just bored.

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Eat 5 light meals every day,

Eat 5 light meals every day, instead of 3 large ones. This keeps our metabolism going all day long, so you'll burn more calories.

Eating a stick of celery consumes more calories than the stick has.

Don't rule out candy and pastry, just reduce them. 1 small portion a day is a good idea, since it'll please you and kill any cravings you have.

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Eat veggies. People say you

Eat veggies. People say you should cut out snacks, but I just replace snacks with a cut-up apple or some carrots or something like that. Also, exersize. It's not that it "Burns calories" perse, but it speeds up your metabolism so you can eat more food! =D

And most important thing is drink WATER, not soda and juice and such. Like, I wanted to feel a little better so I dropped the sugary drinks and it was a huge change.

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