does anyone else think its dumb to....

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get suspended for 5 days because of sharpie on your face and arms?

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What was written?

Of course, most things these days are zero tolerance, so it's not like any thought has to go into how long, why, whether it should be a violation. Much easier to remove thinking and sanity from the process...


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I think five days might be a

I think five days might be a bit excessive, but I suppose it all depends on school policy.
Additionally what was written should be taken into consideration.
However, I think scribbling all over your FACE with sharpie was a rather unwise move, regardless of what was put there, as that sort of thing can be incredibly distracting in a classroom setting.
Arms should be free game, you can always cover them up, but the

Were you unaware that you would get in trouble for this?

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Well, back when I was at the

Well, back when I was at the Convent I do hazily remember me and my friend would draw mouse features on each others faces in felt tip in double chemistry. And the teacher, who was amazing, would get exasperated and say "I've taught children with learning difficulties and they never drew on their faces and this is meant to be a Set 1 GCSE class". And we'd be like, "yeah, but we're mice".

And then a test tube would invariably catch fire on the other side of the classroom and it would have to be thrown out of the window.

So, no we never got suspended.

Actually, thinking about this we were always drawing on each other's faces- I sported a rather impressive handlebar moustache in fountain pen on several occasions.

We were so stupid.

But yes, five days suspension is a bit of an excessive punishment- unless you'd writen something obscene. Permenant marker to the face is a bad idea, but they should have just got you to wash it off with rubbing alcohol.

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well i was wearing cover up so i could just was the cover up off and the sharpie would of come off with it but still...
and nothing obscene had been written on my face it was just heavy scribbling on each cheek, none on the forhead or nose or my eyes. and it wasnt very much on my arms either.

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well your school sounds

well your school sounds stupid then.

Why is it so strict/ is it strict about other things?