dressing as a butch lesbian

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i'v been invited to a party this sat nite, with the fancy dress theme "politically incorrect". im taking my bestie, Kay. we want to go as a duo of sorts so we've been throwing a few ideas around, such as

a) steve and bindi irwin. of course, Kay would break out the hair crimper, and i'd had a barb thru my chest

b) bill clinton, monica lewinsky. she'd have massive cum stains on her dress, and id have a huge fake dick.

c) a pair of butch lesbians.

im leaning toward the lesbian idea. i'd feel a bit bad tho because we'd be relying on a stereotype. but then again, we're not making fun that much - and its only a joke. PLUS im gay, and Kay is a legit bisexual - she's had relationships with both dudes and chicks. so its like one of those things where "I can say it, YOU can't". hmm i dont know, it should be alright. its my mum's doing, when i mentioned it, she goes, "you cant do that!" and then didnt give a reason why...

if i do use the idea, i'll spike my hair, wear a singlet and flanno shirt, pair of jeans. maybe let my mustache grow lol

sorry if anyone finds this offensive. let me know, but use ur manners ploise.


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How dare you steal my

How dare you steal my style!

Sounds like fun.

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ok, that is friggin'

ok, that is friggin' hilarious. Grow the mustache.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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Of the three, butch lesbians is the definite best idea.

Mainly because I'm confused why you would play the men in the first two choices. Wouldn't it be funnier the other way around?


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