Empty In Between

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I cannot stop listening to Tegan and Sara.The have become my obsession.I can't stop talking about them either.They are so cute and funny as well as being brilliant musicians.I've been listening to a lot of lesbian musicians lately.I'm not sure what is exclusively drawing me into their music,I guess it's fun to go to gigs where there are lots of lesbians =]
I think I am feeling better about the whole being situation.I think I am somewhat starting to view it as something that is just part of who I am.Not this seperate thing.Coming-out to my friend on Friday kind of drove this fact home to me.I told him that it's not something I feel particularly happy about,and he was like what?Thats silly it's who you are and it really isn't a big deal.I think his attitude towards it has been very comforting.
I also kind of made a gay joke today.I'm not sure if that makes me a hypocrite.I didn't mean any harm by it.My friend always has bags of fudge in his back-pack,so I asked him if that made him a fudge-packer?
I don't know if that joke makes me a hypocrite or something though.I was just cracking an obvious joke.I hope that doesn't make me a hypocrite.


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i love tegan and sara with a

i love tegan and sara with a passion that is greater then 1,000 suns....
they are amazing

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tegan and sara are freakin amazing!!!