eventful, again

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So today I went over A's house for the first time since we... you know.

And um, to be short and to the point, we did it again.

And it was fucking amazing. So much better than last time.

This time, we got close to actually fucking, but I stopped him because I felt nervous and I wasn't really ready for that.

BUT ANYWAY! ONTO THE DETAILS! B/c I know thats what you all want.

We get to his house, and his sister's there, but she leaves. We end up watching "Duplex" for a little while. Then we started making out in his living room, and after a few minutes, we go to his room. He lays me down on his bed, and we take off our clothes. We jack each other off for a little while, and he's kissing me and everything. And it's a little after this, that we almost fucked. But instead, he went down on me again. And I jacked him off and went down on him.

Oh my God and Goddess. His cock. In my mouth. Felt so good. He was big, too.

So I sucked him off for awhile, he fingered me, and then we jacked off, and I had the best orgasm, ever.

And then we held each other for a little while, in silence. We put our clothes back on...and then, we did what we had originally come to his house to do...


No lie. He kicked my ass in that game.

So today was great. I feel so good spending time with A, I really do. I want to be with him really bad.

So yeah, now I'm home, and my hoodie smells like him... not to sound creepy, but I keep sniffing it. He just smells so damn good. And now I'm just like... I want to do that all over again!


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ah, pretty sure ruby and i

ah, pretty sure ruby and i started this trend of detailed sex anecdotes... even though ive only got one lol im glad u had a great time, its just wonderful, isnt it?

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Well, at least now you can put your mental debate to rest. :-)

Sounds like you had a nice time, though. All good..


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