First Sexual Experience

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twenty days into our relationship, and A and I took this to the next level. this is all VERY new to me, so it was a first. im 17 and a virgin. before 12pm today, i had done absolutely nothing with anyone before. well, thats changed now.

it was amazing. it started with us just lying on my bed. then i asked him to get on top of me, like we had done a few other times. then i started thrusting gently, and it went from there. we then got naked and played around for 3 hours :-) it was just mind blowing for me - remember, this was my first time with anything. i loved it. we 69ed, that was great. he's got a beautiful dick. its so thick and long, and the foreskin wasnt scary at all ;) then we lied together, naked, body to body for an hour. it was bliss. i've never been happier. i was just psyched that i have someone to be with now! i sucked on his dick like there was no tomorrow, im so into his dick. and his balls. and arse, he has got the cutest arse! god, i loved it.
and i swallowed. its a bit gross looking back, but it was such a turn on. a part of him is in me, thats a turn on. my god, i can still smell him; in my clothes, on my doona, pillows. he's flooding my senses. im very much into this boy.
i love him.
i think i may be falling in love. im just following my gut feeling, and thats what it is.
so yeah. that's what i did today.


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haha sounds like fun to me!

haha sounds like fun to me! Congrats, and make sure you're still comfortable emotionally. it's important. =)

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Congratulations! Glad it was

Congratulations! Glad it was a fun and meaningful experience =]

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Sounds great...

Glad you had a good time...


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congrats, man!

and now you're writing erotic stuff like me! i'm not the only one! yayyy...
oh, and now u actually have a one-up on me... cuz I'VE never even swallowed! I want to though.

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I'd say more descriptive than erotic. :-)

Err, seems like swallowing is an easy hurdle for you, since you already have the penis ready to go.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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