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I havnt been talking about my new girlfriend right?
Well,she was my best friend for quite a while now[2 years],and recently,she declared her love for THAT way.
We kept flirting after that...until a week back or something,i asked her out.
Yepp...i asked her on the phone.I went like,"soo...since you like me...i like you...uhm,would u like to be my girlfriend?"
I waited.For a moment.
Until she giggled and said,"yes yes yes!"
I felt so happy that im actually providing her joy...
And by every passing day,i like her even more.She's absolutely sweet and naive.In this adorable way.Like Dana from The L word.She's weird at the same time.She laugh's at every joke i crack[some of them are LAME],She teases me on random things...She's still my best friend.
Best part is...she's not manipulative and emotionally crippling like S was.
D calls me when she feels like,without letting ego get between us.
Which is so cool.
And no,we havnt kissed yet.But we've talked it out...its definetly gona happen the last day of our exam.which is 20 days away.
But with each looking forward for that day to come.Because she's SO nice! She's like Betty from Archie's! Seriously!
But i have a confession to make: U know the craziness,zeal and high S used to instill and provide me?Thats not there with her.
Maybe with time,it will come...but right now,im not "mad" about her.
You know what i mean?
I feel so terrible...cuz she really really likes me.She writes my name on her hand EVERY DAY.
This SHOCKS me because thats exactly what I used to do with S.Yes,i used to write S's name on my possible.
So now i can actually understand the level of "liking" D's got for me.
Which scares me.Cuz she is so emotionally dependent on me,and Im NOT a stable person.I dont want to hurt her...
As far as im trying...,im gona make her happy.And content.
Because she deserve's that.


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That is so sweet!. i hope

That is so sweet!. i hope everything goes well!. you will love your girlfriend in time i know it took me a while.!.<3

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You already talked out and planned your first kiss? Kinda boring, no? Don't build things up or else you risk making exciting moments in your life anti-climactic because you live a delayed reality that doesn't live up to your projections.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Thnx bambibitch!:) im sure i

Thnx bambibitch!:) im sure i will love her :)
And jeff....yah,i feared that too,but its no point now.we've already discussed it.i mean,i too,wanted it to be a whole *out of the nowhere kiss* thing,but ahh,lets hope it lives upto our projections =]