*floating on cloud 9*

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heeheehee im floating on cloud nine right now last night while i was talking to Kryss i asked her if she hated me for what i did she told me "Hell no, i love you too much." then started stuttering and blushing telling me i didnt read that, made me feel good told me she still wants me around and still wants a relationship with me and well i love her but im not about ready to screw this up by telling her "I LOVE YOU!!!" she really is a great person and the awsome part is she is Bigender. AND AND AND AND well at like 3AM while we were on the phone she was falling asleep talking to me so i said to her "Why dont ou go to bed, you need some sleep." she ased me to stay on the phone with her till she fell asleep, so i talked(more like whispered) into the phone to her until she fell asleep, she makes such cute little noises while sleeping and then i fell asleep while listening to her, i woke up with a grin on my face and well kinda hoping she was stil on the other line but it had hung up, her dad must have came and hung up the phone for her or she woke up later in the night and did it. i really love this girl she makes me feel so good. She told me yesterday she wants nothing more than to be in a relationship with me and only me *Hearts for eyes* i really do love this girl, and what she said ten denied saying just made me happier.

*is deeply in love*