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So this preaching abstinence bullshit in schools.
Last time I knew... Finland doesn't preach that crap, has .6% of teens infected with and STD, while the USA, who loves to preach abstinence, has 24% of teens infected with an STD.

In Health, the vaccine Gardasil (HPV vaccine) was not talked about. In fact, an out dated HPV information sheet from the CDC was used. The sheet says that there is no form of prevention for HPV, except safe sex practices.

Maybe we should focus our efforts on something that DOES SOMETHING for a change...


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I despise abstinence only

I despise abstinence only sex education.
W get it. Having sex is bad and we need to wait until marriage. Tell us how to do it safely anyway.
Homosexuality isn't mentioned in our school's health classes either. They weren't when I was in 8th grade, anyway.
I'm so with you.

"It's hard to diet when you're a lipstick lesbian. How can you eat Jenny Craig when your mouth is full of Mary Kay?"

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abstinence only sex ed is idiotic

Funny, I just had a guest speaker from Generation Life come to my school preaching that bull. He kept pulling these random statistics out of his ass, like the percentage of couples that don't get divorced in this country all practice abstinence, or some other crap.

He was funny though, I'll give him that. I personally like the joke about herpes he told:

"Ever see those commercials for that one herpes medication? You know, where they're like, kayaking and climbing mountains and stuff, and everyone's like, 'It's a brand new day!' It's not a brand new day...ya got herpes!"

~"And this is how the dreams of the disenfranchised are born! It's a series of humiliating events, each followed by the rallying cry of 'Someday you'll all be sorry! I'M GONNA BE A STAR! I'm gonna have my own special on GAY CABLE!"--Alec Mapa~