gaydar prevails

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Aha! So it does work! I was watching Dateline tonight because I was supposed to watch a movie but, suprise suprise! mom falls asleep on me again, ah well. But anyways, there was this guy on Dateline and he didn't look gay but I had a feeling because the way he talked and expressed himself but I didn't really think about it, I just kind of noticed and then later on in the show he said that his partner had said something to him and right away *arms shoot into air* 'I was right! Hazza!' It was an accomplishment for me. Especially cause I usually think that my gaydar isn't very good because whenever I have a feeling someone is gay, I'll never be sure of myself unless it's completely, utterly, noticeable. Like this kid on American Idol. But otherwise I'm very, very doubtful and feel bad about doubitng my gaydar in the end when it turns out that person is gay. I think I'll just have to start trusting myself. That's probably not going to happen, but I can try. And hey! I also had a feeling about Jodi Foster, especially after I watched The Brave One, that haircut is quite impressionable. I later found out somehow on Youtube and was quite ecstatic considering she's one of my favorite actors and since I had a feeling. Yay, go me =]

I'm starting to learn.


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which kid on american idol,

which kid on american idol, cuz there are a couple of gay kids. like Danny Noriega


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He's the one!

He's the one!

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I always doubt too

I always doubt too. sometimes I just get this hunch, or feeling, but most of the time I only get it on people I like. So I think it's fake. Bleh.