Girls: where to meet

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So I'm pretty bored. I should be doing the mounds of homework I have, but I'm supporting my cause right now (procrastination.) I'm going through a very interesting phase in my life right now. I'm learning so much about myself, it's crazy. I'm just beginning to figure out how I think... if that makes sense. Which it may very well not.

Also, suggestions as to where to meet girls?

Thanks, everyone!


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Omg I totally have the same

Omg I totally have the same issue! No one at my school is out, so that's not an option. I looked up the gay community center in my area--they have a women's youth group--so I'm thinking I might check that out.

If all else fails, go to some artsy camp or something...those seem to have the highest concentration of gay kids.

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If people think you're straight, just have a girls slumber party with the theme "Lesbian Sleepover," as a joke, of course, hehe. Then, you do the normal sleepover stuff... pillow fight, fixing each other's hair, practice kissing one another so you're ready when you have boyfriends... then progress to truth or lesbian dare, spin the lesbian bottle, etc., and by the end of the night, you'll either know which of your friends are lesbians, or you'll have a lot of straight friends who will be a bit uncomfortable when you finally come out...


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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heheheh! oh, Jeff!

oh, and Clarice, don't worry... you can "spin MY lesbian bottle any day!"
umm, seriously tho, good luck finding pussy- i mean, um- a sweet pretty girl to fall in love with and make sweet love to [and then eventually get your heart twisted and crushed by because an unfortunately large percentage of gay/bi girls are FUCKING PSYCHO...]
but yeah... it doesn't matter so much "where" you are, it's "who" you are... so don't be shy! be as outgoing as possible. talk to EVERY girl you come into contact with and smile and try to be funny. like, the server/cashier girl behind the counter at the Dunkin' Donuts, some chick stacking shelves in a library or bookstore, etc. oh, any girl that works in a jeans store is ALWAYS good [a few months ago this really hot girl (like pornstar-hot) who worked at Jean Machine was helping me find the right pair of pants, and therefore she looked at each pair when i tried them on, and therefore looked at my ass a LOT... and yeah, it was good]. ask her a question that you think she probably knows the answer to, something about her store/workplace. or if you see she's wearing a Burton t-shirt, be like "oh, do you snowboard?" these are all easy ways to strike up a conversation.
u don't have to be uber-obvious-lesbonic or stalkerish; just friendly and laid-back. just really put yourself out there, and people will eventually put themself out to you! good luck, chuck ;-P

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that's perfect.

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good question

Bookstore what is it with lesbians and books huh? give it a try may i recommend sitting on the floor lesbian themed book (coughs keeping you a secret by julie ann peters)