Go Figure...

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People can tell that I bottle things up. Like my friend said I actually put up an emotional wall. I'm really bad at this emotional release thing.

Like I get into these moods... I ignore everything. I just don't care. It's like I'm trying to communicate my feelings of loneliness through some primal display of isolationism with an occasional grunt thrown in when a question is posed.

Actually - it could be that I'm trying to search out for somebody that cares. Like sincerely care. A best friend - even a boyfriend. But they don't meet my expectations so I cast 'em aside. But can I really do that with people? Is there such a thing as social standing? After all - "A person is a person no matter how small."

Goal: Communicate my feelings with people I have a bond with - no matter what expectations I used to have for someone.

Alrighty - Cya!