go head over heels

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Posting this on a myspace wouldn't do because no one would appreciate like some fellow lesbians:


I just want to shit my pants she is so fucking sexy in this picture.


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I'm looking at her in a whole different light now...

Those shorts just beg to be yanked down, don't they?
Heh heh...

But she better not have a Brazilian 'cause that would throw me off.

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God yes. And check out her

God yes. And check out her hipbone. I'm itching to see more of it. Whew... That's just a wonderful pose, honestly.

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If she wore a tank top instead...

...that would've made it even better. I quite love exposed underarms.
I'm leching out here...

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omg!*swoon!* that fucking

omg!*swoon!* that fucking hipbone! :O if only the top would move a bit...if only i could see more of that...imagine resting your hand on that hipbone...and those smooth thighs..oOOooo! *drooling now*

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i was concerned about

i was concerned about finding her hot until I realised she is twenty so its ok.the girl is a ride!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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omfg i love her she's so

omfg i love her she's so sexy. it's so nice seeing someone sexy who still leaves somethign to the imagination