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So one of my friend's saw that I had an Obama pin on my bag. She started flipping out with a group of people, because they think that McCain is better. I explained to her that I like Obama better, because the Democratic party is more inclusive of minorities and promotes civil rights compared to the GOP.

Then, I elaborated on the Civil Union issue with the Democratic Party and the GOP. She practically killed me. "Civil Unions allow inheritance to be taxed on the federal level, they have to file taxes jointly... blah blah blah." What she doesn't understand is that fact that civil rights take time. It's not gonna happen all at the same time. I mean look at religious freedom, they moved to a new continent and made their own colony!

Why can't she just respect my political views? I don't bash her for supporting the GOP and not fully understanding their politics.

I hate partisan politics -,-
We need a reformation of the political system.
Multi party democracy works so much better...


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Ugh discussing politics with

Ugh discussing politics with republicans seems hard at times. I avoid it. Especially when it comes to civil rights (gay) stuff.

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"Multi party democracy works so much better..."

NO. no it doesn't.

I live in Canada, where we have 5 political parties:
Liberal, Progressive Conservative, New Democratic Party, Green, & Bloc Quebecois.

and our country is just as fucked up as the U.S., if not MORESO.


well the U.S. may be fucked, but at least you are the RICHEST AND MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Canada has NO POWER, and nobody in the world takes Canada seriously. Hell, people outside of Canada can't even name the current Prime-Minister of Canada! Canada is a fucking JOKE. Just because gays can get married here, it doesn't make this a fucking paradise, there are still tons of rednecks and there is still ton of homophobia. Sure we have publicly-funded healthcare, but many of our hospitals are SHIT.

Did you know that in my city, Toronto, they just opened up an all-black public high school? yes, it's true, this is segregation happening ALL OVER AGAIN. and we have a LIBERAL government as the majority for this province. what kind of government lets this shit happen?

Sure we have tons of political parties... but most people don't VOTE because they don't fucking CARE.

America would not be what it is without partisan politics. America may not be right about everything, but making more political parties won't make America "better" or "more fair"... it will only increase the amount of PROPAGANDA and IDIOCY that goes on in that country.

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yet as it stands partisan

yet as it stands partisan politics are absolute shit. To be elected -most of the time you have to follow party lines. Only exception really is Bernie Sanders.

At least with multi party politics different views can be expressed and it REPRESENTS the population more successfully.

Bi partisan politics based on the electoral standard has successfully kept only two parties elected. Not even one other party member (besides Bernie). Hell - when the progressive party actually was popular - they got no electoral votes, but 30% of the popular vote. Same with the Gore. Oh and that Supreme Court ruling - bullshit. Some more party politics at work again. Gore did get the popular vote y'know.

Basically - Partisan politics has successfully denied fair representation of the people by keeping the electoral system in place.

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The thing with politics is

The thing with politics is there's no one thing... saying a blanket statement like "multi-partisan politics are better" is rarely true. THere's always a give and take.

That's why it's so hard to talk to people with different political views... everyone thinks their answer is the one and only right answer. Makes is hard to like... discuss things.

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